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Character Characteristics in Romeo and Juliet

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Some questions that will be answered:

What other shows are similar to Romeo and Juliet?

Can you convert the characters into modern shows?

Why are interested in the characters of Romeo and Juliet?

Out of all of Romeo and Juliet, I f0und the characters’ characteristic was the most appealing topic for me. Why you might ask? Well, I can honestly say that Romeo and Juliet isn’t the most interesting thing for me, but I can still understand why people like it. For me, I enjoyed connecting characters from different stories and how they compare, for example, over the past few years their have been so many movies about people who love eachother so much, they will do any thing for each other; starcrossed lovers. Where did the idea come from? Probably Romeo and Juliet. An example could be Beauty and the Beast (deep, I know). In the same way that Mercrutio’s character also shows up in Hamlet.

Anyways, each character has a specific thing about them that comes up in many other stories. Juliet is that girl who is in love with someone and has set their mind on loving them. Romeo is the guy that hops from girl to girl (what a player) and doesn’t realize that he loves with his eyes not his heart. The nurse is the creepy old lady who you think is good but really ends up being bad. Friar Lawrence is the person who is the main characters best friend, kind of a third wheel. Tybalt is that buff guy always looking for a fight. Mercrutio is the crazy guy that everyone likes but eventually you know it wont end well for them. The Capulets and the Montagues are the two rivals on opposite sides of town who want to pick a fight, and the Prince and his men are the police and government. Romeo and Juliet can be portrayed many different ways and this is one of them.

There have been other renditions and spin offs of Romeo and Juliet but the characters stay the same. Some examples that you can see are ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet 1996′. The second one is the same dialogue as Romeo and Juliet but is in a modern scene with famous actors.

I learned a lot researching about this subject and would like to see further into it by watching other similar stories and comparing them. I learned that Romeo and Juliet led into many stories and the characters were copied into many other performances.

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